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HIPAA Compliant Tele-Sessions

Many behavioral health counseling sessions and clinic office visit follow ups can be effectively handled via video tele-sessions. Video tele-sessions increase availability to employees, and increase clinic capacity without the need for new personnel. This can reduce per-session costs by 20-40%.

Common barriers to treatment include:
  • Difficulty getting referrals
  • Travel time and time off work
  • Finding a local therapist with the proper qualifications
  • Reliance on PCP rather than specialist or therapist
  • Fear of stigma associated with diagnosis
  • Cost associated with maintaining a treatment plan

Counselors can achieve greater earnings because:
  • Video sessions reduce the need for brick and mortar overhead
  • Video sessions are easier to schedule and more efficient
  • Authorizations contained in the referral and billing can be direct and immediate
  • Participating in the employer network can increase patients for a provider
  • Employer can add provider incentives such as direct pay without delays
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