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Patient Satisfaction Surveys

Providers often spend more time improving their medical knowledge than their bedside manner. Aside from the possibility of losing out on hundreds of thousands of dollars a year, patient satisfaction is intricately linked to patient outcomes. Satisfied patients are more likely to stick with their treatment plans and health care providers. This means lower readmission rates, reduced lengths of stay, and increased savings for the hospitals. Studies have also shown that doctors who receive the lowest satisfaction scores from their patients are the ones at the highest risk of being named in lawsuits. Also, patients with bad experiences are more likely to tell people about their experience than ones who had good experiences.

Why patient satisfaction matters:
  • Patients are reviewing their coverage more closely with the Affordable Care Act in place, and paying attention to where their money is going
  • Many online review sites exist which can aid a patient in choosing a provider and/or place of service
  • Surveys are holding more weight with the general public
  • Patients ARE the customers these days
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