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Intervention Management

Medical management interventions in situations such as disease and case management are difficult for many health plans to measure or quantify effectiveness. In practice, many of these interventions are applied with a silo mentality, i.e., interventions are delivered without communication between programs. Measurable outcomes, both clinical and financial, can be difficult to achieve.  It is important to identify in advance the goals that could be achieved. The measurement metrics can be programmed for effectiveness in cost objectives among many others. Valid, reliable data is crucial in determining the conceptual link between program objectives and the measurement methods used to determine success.

EmmData has developed tools that greatly enhance this process. Often medical interventions are performed by third parties or by departments not controlled by clinicians. A clarity of the data allows for transparency in evaluating results.

While interventions can be very valuable, their value is enhanced when they are an extension of the physician’s treatment plan and the results feed back to the physician. Many health plans are moving away from nurse interventions that rely on "nurse intuition" in favor of targeted interventions with well-defined objectives. Our tools and analyses facilitate this feedback loop.

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