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Data Warehousing

EmmData provides data warehousing services for receiving and monitoring data feeds, performing data scrubbing, data integrity checks, storage, and reporting. All connections and data storage are HIPAA compliant. EmmData receives data feeds from multiple sources. For most customers data feeds include some or all of the following:

  • From Health Plan
    • Eligibility
    • Member demographics
  • From Network Carrier
    • Medical Claims
    • Lab Results
  • From pharmacy benefit manager
    • Pharmacy Claims
  • Specialty programs from plan and provider contracted vendors
    • Disease Management Nurse Interventions
    • Discharge plan programs
    • Wellness programs
  • EmmData can also receive data from many other sources:
    • Health Risk Assessments
    • EMR patient data
    • Satisfaction and other surveys
Products | Datawarehousing: Big data source integration

In most health care environments the data sources are disparate and often not integrated nor accessible for analysis. A typical health plan may have medical claims data, pharmacy data, lab results, eligibility, electronic medical record data, health risk assessment data, wellness initiative data, and intervention of vendor data. Accessing and storing the separate data elements into usable decision-support information is a primary goal of EmmData.

Health care data can very quickly become "big data". EmmData has developed cost-effective tools for integrating loading and distributing big data from our data warehousing solutions.