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Data Integration

Often the primary issue in managing medical data is integrating disparate data sources and rendering them into usable and actionable information. We have developed tools and processes that have been demonstrated to be efficient, cost effective, and scalable for populations ranging from a few thousand members to millions of members.

All sources of data can be integrated into the models and analyses:

  • Medical claims
  • Rx claims
  • Remote tele-monitoring
  • HRA
  • Biometric screening
  • Eligibility
  • Lab data
  • EMR data
  • Medical management data including tele-monitoring results
  • Vendor information
Products | Data Integration: Integrate data sources into actionable information
An example of what a common employer health plan work flow may look like

EmmData utilizes in-house, secure, HIPAA-compliant web portals to access integrated data in one place, make more informed decisions, test plan designs, and more. End users at all levels of expertise are supported, and the site is client driven and responds to the request of the user. This aids in drilling down to analyze specific areas such as program effectiveness, cost drivers, patient cost risk and health plan utilization. Users may also monitor many problem areas including disease progression, chronic conditions and high cost patients, as well as performance and risk trending. Through the use of interactive charts, detailed and aggregate reports, predictive analyses at the patient and population level becomes possible.