We Make Data Understandable

EmmData Headquarters - Austin, TX
EmmData Headquarters in Austin, TX

Health Care is complicated by an overwhelming array of data sources and data types. For informed decisions, data must be transformed into usable information. Tools developed by the EmmData team make data accessible to decision makers and clinicians in formats that can be readily applied to real-world situations. Please visit our new marketing site.

Our Mission

EmmData: Reporting, Analysis, and SaaS Provider

We provide in-depth analyses and vital information that allow health plans, employers, and clinicians to optimize both medical and financial outcomes. We are committed to the proposition that patient compliance with evidence-based medicine improves patient outcomes and ultimately helps contain cost. We believe patient-centric analysis is critical to population health management.

Our Customers

  • Health Plans
  • Employer Groups
  • Consultants
  • Third-Party Administrators
  • Re-Insurance Carriers
  • Medical Management Vendors
  • Hospital Systems and Provider Groups